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Pedasi Region Experience

Pedasi is located in the heart of the Azuero peninsula’s natural haven and breathtaking environmental diversity

The Azuero peninsula provides a wide diversity of natural assets and environments. Vast areas of untouched maritime forest, deserted coastlines sporting white sand, estuarine river systems and enchanted waterfalls. Expansive and diverse, the peninsula’s National Parks are home to rare and endangered species in an area lost between traditional Panama and untamed biodiversity.

The marine environment along the coastline plays host to some of the rarest and most majestic animals on earth – several species of whales including humpback whales, can be seen breaching just offshore. Dolphins and huge schools of graceful stingrays abound, and there are more rare nesting sea turtles than any other area in Panama – making this golden coastline a unique privilege to explore.

Azuero Peninsula

Azuero Peninsula Culture

Considered by many to be the very heartland of Panama, Azuero is home to a more traditional Panamanian culture and folklore than any other area. The east coast of the Peninsula is dotted with picturesque Panamanian villages steeped in vernacular history, pastoral folklore and bucolic traditions; all held in the cradle of nature.

The area around Playa Venao property, Pedasi and the Tuna Coast has an extremely ancient history. There is evidence of human
occupation from around 8,000BC when the first signs of organized cultivation began to emerge in the Azuero

Azuero Peninsula Activities

  • Andromeda is located next to the beautiful town of Pedasi, host to a mix of restaurants, bars, a bakery and cafés.
  • Just 30 minutes away the peaceful ocean community of Playa Venao awaits, this beautifully rugged stretch of beach offers an abundance of water sport activities including great surfing for beginners and experts.
  • Isla Iguana is on your doorstep – the short 20 minute boat trips are available daily from Pedasi – and offers pristine white sands, turquoise waters for diving, fishing and wildlife spotting.
  • The local city of Chitré is just over an hour away and provides a wide range of modern shopping malls and other city leisure, business and service options.
  • The region is also known for its wealth of fine restaurants, beautiful rolling countryside and some of the world’s best fishing.